Impossible To Incorporate S-400 Missile Defence Equipment Into Turkey's NATO Systems: Defence Minister

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  • 01:47 PM, July 4, 2017
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Impossible To Incorporate S-400 Missile Defence Equipment Into Turkey's NATO Systems: Defence Minister
Russian S-400 Triumf air defense system

Turkey has ruled out integrating the Russian S-400 missile defence system into the country's NATO standard defence equipment, its defence minister Fikri Isik has said.

Speaking to TRT TV channel on Tuesday, Isik said, "Turkey knows that in case S-400 missiles systems are purchased from Russia, it will be impossible to incorporate them into the NATO system."

The contract has been agreed and everything is understandable there but the issue of a loan, funds has not been settled yet," Russian Presidential Adviser for Military and Technical Cooperation Vladimir Kozhin had said at the 8th International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

Turkey had first shown interest in the missile system in October last year. "As for missile defense, work is continuing. We are negotiating on S-400 not only with Russia, but with other countries that have similar systems. Russia's position on this issue now is positive," Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik had said in an interview with Turkey's NTV broadcaster.

In 2013 Turkey had attempted buying Chinese T-LORAMIDS air defense system from China Precision Manufacturing Import-Export Corp (CPMIEC) for $3.44 billion.

The Russian bid for the S-300 system was disqualified terming it twice more expensive. Other bidders included consortium of US companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, maker of the Patriot system, and the European Eurosam, maker of the SAMP-T.

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