Saudi-led Group Add 18 Entities, Individuals To Qatari Sanctions List, Vows To Continue Blockade

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  • 11:33 AM, July 25, 2017
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Saudi-led Group Add 18 Entities, Individuals To Qatari Sanctions List, Vows To Continue Blockade
Saudi-led Group Add 18 Entities, Individuals To Qatari Sanctions List, Vows To Continue Blockade

Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have affirmed to continue their current measures (read blockade) of Qatar and possible future measures, until the Qatari authorities are committed to fulfilling all the just demands, which ensure countering terrorism and maintaining security and stability in the region.

“The terrorist activities of the 9 entities and 9 individuals have direct and indirect ties with the Qatari authorities. The three Qatari individuals on the list, along with a Kuwaiti individual, have engaged in fund-raising campaigns to support Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist militias in Syria,” a statement released to the Saudi Press Agency(SPA) said.

The three Yemeni individuals and the three organizations in Yemen, have provided support to Al- Qaeda, and have conducted actions on its behalf, mainly by using significant funding from Qatari charities, which are designated by the four states as terrorist entities.

The two Libyan individuals and the six terrorist entities, affiliated with terrorist groups in Libya, have received substantial financial support from the Qatari authorities and played an active role in spreading chaos and devastation in Libya, despite serious international concern over the destructive impact of such practices, the statement said .

The statement continued, “the next step is taking an urgent action by the Qatari authorities to make legal and practical actions to prosecute terrorist and extremist individuals and entities, especially those on this current list and the previous one, which was announced on the 8th of June 2017 so as to confirm the credibility of its seriousness in renouncing terrorism and extremism.”

The Qatari authorities have a long history in breaking all signed and binding agreements and legal obligations, the latest of which was the 2013 Riyadh Agreement and the 2014 Supplemental Agreement. Moreover, it continued harboring terrorists, financing attacks and promoting hate speech and extremism

To that end, the four states, along with their international partners, will monitor the Qatari authorities' commitment in not harboring terrorist, supporting and financing terrorism, ending promoting of extremist and hate speech, and financing of extremists inside and outside Qatar.

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