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10:16 AM, August 11, 2017
Pakistan Builds Underground Complex To Serve As Nuclear Warheads Storage Site
Pakistan Builds Underground Complex To Serve As Nuclear Warheads Storage Site. (image for representation only)

An American based think-tank has said that Pakistan has built a ‘hardened, secure, underground nuclear warheads complex in a remote mountainous region in Balochistan province.

The Institute for Science and International Security said its observation is based on satellite imagery and investigation, PTI reported Friday.

According to the report, underground complex in the southwestern province “could serve as a ballistic missile and nuclear warhead storage site”.

The purpose of the complex is not yet available publicly. However, the report said it could serve as a storage site for strategic reserves and hence a means of protecting a counterforce nuclear strike capability.

Given that Pakistan’s preferred delivery vehicle for nuclear weapons is missiles with warheads and given the physical characteristics of the site, this site is an ideal, probable storage site for parts of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, the report noted.

“Although the site is located in the province of Balochistan, which has endured many local insurgencies, Pakistan is likely more focused on having a secure area in a remote mountainous area in the middle of the country, as far as possible from its international borders, including India,” it said.

According to the report, the complex has three distinct entrances and a separate support area and the entrances are large and can accommodate even the largest possible vehicles.


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