Raytheon Wins $105M USAF Griffin Missiles Contract

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  • 05:37 AM, August 18, 2017
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Raytheon Wins $105M USAF Griffin Missiles Contract
Griffin lightweight, precision-guided munition (Image: Raytheon)

Raytheon has been awarded a $104.8 million contract for Griffin Missiles for the US Air Force.

This contract provides for delivery of all variants of Griffin standoff precision guided munitions and corresponding production, test and engineering support. Work is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2018, the US department of defense said in a statement Thursday.

The AGM-176 Griffin is a lightweight, precision-guided munition that can be launched from the ground or air as a rocket-powered missile or dropped from the air as a guided bomb.

The munition comes in two versions. Griffin A is an unpowered precision munition that can be dropped from a rear cargo door or a door-mounted launcher that can drop while the cabin is pressurized. Weighing 15 kg and measuring 1.1 meters in length, it is launched from a 10-tube "Gunslinger" launcher that fits on the rear ramp of a Marine KC-130 tanker/transport or the USAF AC-130W Stinger II.

Griffin Block II B is a short-range, rocket-powered air-to-surface or surface-to-surface missile that can be fired from UAVs as well as helicopters, attack aircraft, U.S. Air Force AC-130W gunships, and USMC KC-130J tankers.

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