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09:34 AM, September 4, 2017
Japan Initiates Special Radiological Survey After North Korea Detonates Hydrogen Bomb
North Korean hydrogen bomb test

The Japanese government has started carrying out a special radiological survey after North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb powerful enough to spark a 6.3 Ritcher magnitude earthquake.

The test (collection of radioactive dust and noble gases) was estimated to have yielded 100 kilotons of explosives, a South Korean defense official was quoted as saying by Yonhap news Agency Saturday.

The blast was four to five times more powerful than the explosion in Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.

“Based on an instruction from the Minister of Defense and an agreement reached at the Liaison Meeting for Radiological Countermeasures, the Ministry of Defense will implement a special radiological survey (collection of radioactive dust and noble gases) from September 3 until a date to be indicated separately” Japanese Ministry of Defense report stated.

The Japanese military has radiological detection equipment in some of its jets as well. The Japanese Air Force has T-4 intermediate jet trainer aircraft that will be measuring the air samples near the Korean Peninsula to confirm the presence of radioactive particles in the atmosphere and confirm the nuclear test.

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