British Govt Unveils Warships Construction Strategy

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  • 04:32 PM, September 6, 2017
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British Govt Unveils Warships Construction Strategy
File photo of Type 26 Frigate.

British government is planning to purchase at least five frigates, and share the work between shipyards around the UK.

A new fleet of multimillion-pound warships could be built in blocks across several British shipyards and then assembled at a central hub, the Defence Secretary has announced. 

The plan represents an overhaul in the UK shipbuilding strategy with the first batch of new Type 31e frigates being built with aim to export, Forces Network reported Wednesday.

"As part of this approach that the first batch of five Type 31e frigates could be built across different shipyards, before being assembled at a central site," the ministry announced.

This modular construction process was used on the UK Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. The cost of the new Type31e frigates would be capped at no more than £250 million each.

The first of the new ships are due to be in service by 2023 and shipyards would be encouraged to ensure the vessel was competitive on the global market by working with "global partners" Sir Michael Fallon said.

The new national shipbuilding strategy accepts the recommendations of an independent report into the industry by Sir John Parker, the chairman of mining giant Anglo American.

In November, Sir John said the Navy fleet was being depleted by a "vicious cycle" of old ships retained beyond their sell-by date, and found that the procurement of naval ships took too long from concept to delivery compared with other industries. 

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