RAF Drone Pilots Fighting Islamic State to Get Medals

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  • 02:10 PM, September 20, 2017
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RAF Drone Pilots Fighting Islamic State to Get Medals
Royal Air Force Maj. Kevin Gambold monitors and pilots an MQ-1 Predator at Ali Air Base, Iraq (Image: Wired via USAF)

The UK’s Royal Air Force drone pilots who fight against Islamic State terrorists could be awarded medals for serving the nation.

"The changing character of warfare provides new challenges; not just about how we fight but also how we recognize and support those who serve,” UK’s Defense Secretary Michael Fallon was quoted as saying by Newsweek during a visit to British troops in Iraq.

"As fighting has evolved we have adapted, ensuring our troops have cutting-edge equipment including unmanned systems operated from outside the battle space. Our recognition of service, the risks taken, and the long-term effects must therefore adapt too,” Fallon said.

Fallon said that Britain needed to “examine” how to provide “medallic recognition” for those who make a “vital contribution” to the fight against IS outside the battlefield.

"It is only right that those who've performed above and beyond in this fight against the evil of our time get the recognition they deserve. This medal will do just that,” Fallon said.

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