Leonardo to Provide Data Security to Galileo Navigation Satellites

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  • 12:06 PM, September 27, 2017
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Leonardo to Provide Data Security to Galileo Navigation Satellites
Leonardo Data Security-Galileo Navigation Satellites

Leonardo has been chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) to conduct a study into the management of data security for the Galileo European navigation satellite program.

Leonardo will develop benchmark architecture and define requirements and processes for managing the programme's information security, in accordance with recent European cyber regulations.

Leonardo’s aim is to support the ESA by defining a state-of-the-art security monitoring system for Galileo, taking into account new mission requirements and new security standards and procedures relevant to the European satellite network.

"The cyber security of Space infrastructure is more critical than ever before. Protecting it against cyber threats has become essential," said Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo.

Galileo, which started delivering services in December 2016, is a global navigation and localization satellite system that will provide Europe with an independent and highly accurate positioning service.

The program is managed by the European Commission, which has delegated the technical development and deployment of infrastructure to the ESA.

Galileo will provide reliable and accurate services for citizens, transport, telecommunications, security, emergency management, search and rescue, companies, banks and utilities. Leonardo has been a key industrial partner throughout the life of the Galileo programme, providing operational and logistical management from Telespazio, through Spaceopal, focusing on the development of innovative services, especially for government customers and operators with special security requirements, who will use the Galileo PRS signal.

Leonardo also provides the attitude sensors which control the position of the satellites and the hydrogen atomic clocks that accurately mark the time, as well as a receiver for PRS services.

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