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10:40 AM, October 11, 2017
Saab to Supply AT4CS Anti-armour Weapon System to US Army
AT4CS RS anti-armour weapon system

Saab has received a $13 million (SEK 104 million) order from the US Army for the shoulder-launched AT4CS RS (Confined Space Reduced Sensitivity) anti-armour weapon system.

The delivery will take place in 2019. The AT4CS RS is a fully disposable, preloaded weapon system with a specially developed, unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers outstanding behind-armour effect inside the target. It weighs less than 8 kg and has an effective range of 20 to 300 metres, the company said in a statement  Wednesday.

The AT4 family is a range of lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapons characterised by ease of use and handling. They do not require expert gunners to operate the weapon effectively. The AT4 offers great flexibility and is not limited to combating tanks and heavy combat vehicles. The AT4 is equally effective against threats in buildings and fortifications. It can also be employed to protect fixed installations, supply points and other vital assets.


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