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09:29 AM, December 4, 2017
Indian Navy’s Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel Scheduled for Induction Next Year
Deep submergence rescue vessel (DSRV)

The Indian Navy will induct two deep submergence rescue vessel (DSRV) systems next year.

"It (the SSN project) has kicked off. It is a classified project. The process has started. I will leave it at that," Admiral Sunil Lanba was quoted as saying by Sputnik Sunday ahead of Navy Day on December 4.

JFD, a UK based company was awarded a £193m contract by the Indian Navy for the provision and long term support of its submarine rescue capability in 2015. The contract includes the design, build and supply of two complete submarine rescue systems, and a 25-year all inclusive annual maintenance contract.

According to the contract, JFD has to provide two complete fly-away submarine rescue systems, including Deep Search and Rescue Vehicles (DSRV), Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) equipment, Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) systems, and all logistics and support equipment required to operate the service.

The equipment is being designed, manufactured, integrated and tested by JFD prior to shipping to India for final commissioning and trials.

The Indian Navy will get a major capability before inducting nuclear submarines that are currently under construction. The navy's two ‘Kilo’class submarines, INS Sindhurakhshak and INS Sindhuratna met with accidents in 2013 and 2014 which, prompted the then Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi to relinquish his post.

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