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06:46 PM, December 5, 2017
India Test fires ‘Akash’ Missile With Locally-made Target Seeker
Akash SAM missile launch in India

India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) today test-fired the Surface to Air Missile (SAM) ‘Akash’ with indigenous radio frequency seeker against a mobile target, Banshee.

This is the first Surface to Air Missile with indigenous seeker that has been test fired. With this success, India has achieved the capability of making any type of Surface to Air Missile, an official release said.

The launch from the Launch Complex-III at ITR Chandipur today at 1338 hrs was deemed as successful. The Radars, telemetry and electro-optical systems along the coast have tracked and monitored all the health parameters of the missile.

This missile is being inducted into Army as Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SRSAM). It contitutes the Indian Army's primary battlefield support missile against aerial targets.

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