Norway Procures South Korean K-9 Thunder 155mm Systems Worth $215M

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  • 01:25 PM, December 22, 2017
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Norway Procures South Korean K-9 Thunder 155mm Systems Worth $215M
Norway Procures South Korean K-9 Thunder 155mm Systems Worth $215M

Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency and South Korean company Hanwha Land Systems signed a contract estimated 1.8 Billion NOK (US$ 215 million) for the procurement of Artillery System 155 mm on Wednesday.

The Hanwha Land Systems K9 Thunder, is an off-the-shelf self-propelled gun system that satisfies the specific requirements and needs of the Norwegian Army.  In addition, Hanwha Land Systems has demonstrated the ability to deliver in compliance with stated time and cost requirements.

The contract comprises of 24 self-propelled guns combined with designated ammunition resupply vehicles, with the option for another 24 self-propelled guns. The K9 Thunder 155mm L/52 self-propelled gun is one of the world’s most utilised L/52 self-propelled guns, and exists in large numbers within the Republic of Korea and Turkey. Finland recently acquired the same system from the Republic of Korea Government.

In addition, a contract for logistic support during the useful life of the materiel, together with a contract for the establishment of a Center of Excellence at Bjerkvik Technical Workshop was also signed. The Center of Excellence contract involves that Hanwha Land Systems provides test equipment, training material in addition to the sharing of technical knowledge to Bjerkvik Technical Workshop in order to provide available systems and technical training throughout its useful life.

A pre-series of the artillery system will be delivered for initial trials in 2019. The main delivery will be during 2020, with artillery battalion combat ready on the new system in 2021.

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