Ukranian-made Vilkha Missile System Successfully Tested

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  • 11:53 AM, December 26, 2017
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Ukranian-made Vilkha Missile System Successfully Tested
Ukranian-made Vilkha Missile System Successfully Tested

Ukraine successfully conducted another series of tests of a modern Ukrainian- made Vilkha missile system last week.

As UNIAN reported, President Poroshenko wrote on Facebook on December 22: "I congratulate all Ukrainians on the successful test of the Ukrainian Vilkha missile system. I’ve just received a report that all four missiles hit the target!"

In 2016-2017, the Ukrainian defense industry made significant progress in the production of missiles, primarily Vilkha systems, which can be deployed on a trial basis as early as in the first half of 2018, Serhiy Zgurets, the head of the information and consulting firm Defense Express, was quoted as saying by Interfax.

Ukrainian-made high-accuracy missile complex Vilkha, Kyiv`s Luch State Design Bureau, which is part of Ukroboronprom State Concern, wrote on Facebook.

The complex is superior to a Tochka U tactical ballistic missile system (with a maximum combat range of 120 km). It is noted that all components for the production of Vilkha are Ukrainian-made, including a new control system, new rocket fuel, and a new warhead.

One of its peculiarities include correction of the missile's flight with the help of kick motors. The missile is capable of carrying various warheads depending on their purpose.

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