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01:58 PM, January 5, 2018
US Army Selects Scorpion's ScenGen Artificial Intelligence Tech To Manage UAS Fleet

Stryke Industries LLC announced Thursday the contract awarded by the US Army to supply artificial intelligence technology, as part of the U.S. Defense Research and Development Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) Program.

Under the contract awarded last year in September, Stryke, along with its subcontractor Scorpion Computer Services, will apply the artificial intelligence engine ScenGen to the U.S. Army's UAS fleet, the company press release states. Stryke Industries will license the Scorpion technology to Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama to be applied to the Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS) and other UAS platforms.

UGCS is an extension of the One System Ground Station (OSGCS) concept. The UGCS allows for interoperability of the U.S. Army's unmanned assets of dissimilar types from a single common ground control station.

ScenGen is an artificial intelligence engine that generates all conceivable test scenarios for the target software, which, in result, provides 100% test and behavioral coverage.

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