Turkish-made ATAK Helicopter, T-155 SP Howitzer Used in Afrin Offensive

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  • 04:03 PM, January 26, 2018
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Turkish-made ATAK Helicopter, T-155 SP Howitzer Used in Afrin Offensive
Turkish armored vehicles on the move in Syria's Afrin: Image by kurdistan24

The Turkish army is using locally-made vehicles, weapons, and ammunition, including helicopters, howitzers and drones, in their ongoing Operation Syria’s Afrin region.

T-155 Firtina (Storm), a locally-produced self-propelled howitzer, the T-122 Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher (MRBL), T-129 ATAK helicopters, with its guided air-to-ground CIRIT rockets are among weapons mobilized for the offensive, pro-government Anadolu Agency reported today.

KIRPI, a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, is on duty for transporting land troops across the border in Afrin, while the AKINCI armored combat vehicle (ACV), is kept on standby.

The military hardware includes drones equipped with ‘newly-developed’ technologies are also being utilized in the operation in Afrin. Terrorists are tracked step-by-step through the drones and are then ‘neutralized’ by aircraft or artillery units, the report said.

A land-based electronic attack system, KORAL, developed by Turkish company Aselsan is capable of intercepting, jamming, and deceiving radar systems.

There were reports that the army was using German-made Leopard-2 tanks amidst an uproar among opposition politicians in Germany.

Turkish media reported yesterday that the army intercepted a Kurdish convoy carrying a portable electronic attack system having the markings of a European manufacturer.

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