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09:03 AM, February 21, 2018
Brazil’s First Scorpene-class Diesel-Electric Submarine Enters Final Assembly Phase
Image provided by Brazil's Presidency, shows the launching ceremony for the final assembly phase of the Riachuelo Class submarine, at the Shipyard and Naval Base (SNB) of Itaguai, in the municipality of Itaguai, Brazil, on Feb. 20. (Xinhua)

Brazil’s President Michel Temer on Tuesday launched the final assembly phase of the Riachuelo-class diesel electric attack submarine, at the Shipyard and Naval Base (SNB) of Itaguai, Xinhua reports.

S40 Riachuelo is the first of four Scorpene submarines being built in Brazil under a 2008 contract between the Brazilian Navy and Naval Group. After final assembly, the submarine is set to launch later this year and enter service in 2020.

Brazil’s Submarine Development Program (PROgrama de SUBmarinos PROSUB) calls for three more conventional units (Humaita S41, Tonelero S42 and Ango Stura S43) and the first Brazilian submarine with nuclear propulsion (SSN). The signed contract covers the design, production, and technology transfer required for four Scorpène-class conventional submarines, and the design assistance and production of the non-nuclear part of the SSN.

According to Military Factory, S40 Riachuelo will be a 75-foot long vessel capable of 21 knots when submerged and approximately 12 knots when surfaced. As an attack submarine, the vessel will showcase six torpedo tubes cleared to fire the widely-accepted 21” torpedo as well as the French SM-39 “Exocet” Block 39 Mod.2 anti-ship missile. 

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