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12:38 PM, February 27, 2018
US Navy Picks 5 Firms for C4I Technical, Engineering Support Contracts

The US defense contractors have been awarded multiple contracts by the US Navy to provide Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence, or C4I, software applications, the Department of Defense announced Friday.

The companies tapped to provide the Navy with C4I software include Forward Slope Inc., for more than $15.7 million, Moebius Solutions Inc., for more than $18.7 million, Geocent LLC., for more than $18.5 million, Harmonia Holdings Group LLC., for more than $18.4 million, G2 Software Systems, Inc., for more than $17.4 million.

Each of the contracts has options built in that, if exercised, could see the overall cumulative values surge between more than $40.6 million and $48.8 million.

The Navy's Program Executive Officer C4I says it's seeking "to acquire the right communication and technology tools for naval information warfare."

In total, the Navy will award eight contract awards to companies for C4I engineering services.

Work on the individual contracts will occur in San Diego, Calif., with each contract having an expected completion date of Feb. 13, 2020. The Pentagon says if options within the contracts are exercised, the length of the contracts will stretch to 2023.

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