Boeing Invests in US Tech Company Developing Mini Radars for UAVs

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  • 11:48 AM, March 16, 2018
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Boeing Invests in US Tech Company Developing Mini Radars for UAVs
Phantomeye UAV (for illustration only): Image by Boeing

Boeing announced its investment in Fortem Technologies, a Utah-based company developing advanced radar systems for unmanned and manned aircraft.

Fortem Technologies offers airspace awareness solutions using low size, weight and power radar to ensure safe operations of unmanned aerial vehicles. Fortem's TrueView radar technology helps UAVs detect and avoid other aircraft and airborne objects beyond visual line of sight — a key capability for future autonomous air vehicles.

"Fortem's radar systems will help as we pave the path to emerging markets of autonomous flight,” said Steve Nordlund, vice president of Boeing HorizonX, the investment arm of Boeing.

Founded in May 2016, Fortem has developed a suite of radar systems and radar-enabled product solutions to help unmanned aircraft and pilots safely operate in an increasingly crowded airspace. Its TrueView radar systems enable autonomous aircraft to perform various logistics applications, including cargo transport, package delivery and large infrastructure inspections.

"With support from Boeing and others, Fortem can scale more quickly to support continuous improvements in airspace safety," said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies.

Boeing HorizonX Ventures participated in this Series A funding round, which included follow-on investments by Data Collective (DCVC) and Signia Venture Partners. This is Boeing HorizonX Ventures' second investment in autonomous systems technology since the fund was established in April 2017.

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