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08:36 AM, April 4, 2018
Kalashnikov Venezuela Plant to Start AK-103 Production by 2019 End
AK-103 assault rifle (Image:Kalashnikov)

Russian Kalashnikov plant in Venezuela will start full-fledged licensed production of AK-103 assault rifles by the end of 2019. The plant is planned to manufacture about 25,000 assault rifles annually.

 ‘The plant will begin its work by the end of next year,” Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez was quoted as saying by Tass after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergie Shoigu Tuesday.

"We constantly monitor the construction works. It should be noted that this plant is of strategic importance for Venezuela’s independence and its armed forces," Vladimir Padrino Lopez said.

Venezuela’s Vice-President for Economics and Finance, Castro Soteldo, earlier told the media the plant was expected to achieve capacity operation in 2018.

The plant that will assemble Kalashnikov assault rifles is being built under the contract signed in July 2006. Venezuelan specialists are expected to launch the full-fledged licensed production of the AK-103 assault rifle and the plant is planned to manufacture about 25,000 assault rifles annually.

Besides, the ammunition production plant will manufacture more than 50 million rounds per year. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in December 2016 that the plants would start working to full capacity in 2019.

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