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10:53 AM, April 11, 2018
Russia Begins Mi-35M Attack Helicopter Deliveries To Pakistan Army
Russia Begins Mi-35M Attack Helicopter Deliveries To Pakistan Army. Image: Quwa

The Pakistan Army Aviation Corps (PAAC) took delivery of four Russian-made Mi-35M attack helicopters with ammunition and equipment under 2015 contract, according to a report by Quwa Defence News & Analysis Group.

A preliminary contract was concluded at the Pakistan Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi in August 2015.  Pakistan bought the four Mi-35Ms in a $153 million US deal including training, spare parts, ground support equipment and – as per the import registries – munitions.

Also, the Quwa noted that Pakistani import-export logs show Rosoboronexport making various helicopter-related deliveries to Pakistan in the first week of April. In particular on April 4, the Pakistan Army took delivery of ‘helicopter equipment and ammunition’ from Rosoboronexport.

The Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter is designed to provide fire support to ground forces (destroy enemy tanks, other armored and soft-skinned vehicles, manpower), conduct armed air escort of military columns on the march, airlift paratroopers and evacuate the wounded, carry cargo both inside the cabin and externally.

The Mi-35M can be used in attack, troop-carrying, transport and ambulance (medevac) versions.

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