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10:05 AM, April 25, 2018
Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Boeing Bid for German Tornado Fighter Jet Replacement Program
German Air Force Tornado fighter jet (Image: cavok.com.br)

Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Boeing have bid for Germany's plan to replace its fleet of 90 Tornado fighter jets.

The German MoD had sought information from Lockheed Martin about its F-35 fighter jet and Boeing for their F-15E and F/A-18E/F fighter jets. The replacement program worth billions of euros will have consequences on Franco-German program to develop next generation Eurofighter that will eventually replace Typhoon, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Germany however plans to give priority to European warplane to retain aircraft expertise in Europe, the news agency reported.

The ministry in December publicly rebuked remarks by German Air Force chief Lieutenant General Karl Muellner after he indicated a preference for the F-35 as the only aircraft that met the military's stealth requirements. Muellner is now due to retire in May.

The ministry has said it will only make a final decision on the Tornado replacement after a comprehensive assessment of data provided by the aircraft manufacturers.

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