Pratt and Whitney Wins $2 Billion to Produce F-35 Aircraft Propulsion Systems

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  • 06:13 AM, June 1, 2018
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Pratt and Whitney Wins $2 Billion to Produce F-35 Aircraft Propulsion Systems
US Navy F-35 Lightning II aircraft (Image: Pratt and Whitney)

Pratt & Whitney Military Engines is awarded $2 billion for modification contract in support of the F-35 Lightning II low-rate initial production Lot 11 aircraft for US Navy and United Kingdom. 

This modification provides additional funding for production non-recurring/tooling, administrative labor, partner unique items and Lot 11 production propulsion systems to include 10 F135-PW-100 propulsions systems for the Navy; 51 F135-PW-100 propulsion systems for the Air Force; and 24 F135-PW-600 propulsion systems for the Marine Corps, US Department of Defense said in a statement Thursday.

Additionally, this contract procures 49 F135-PW-100 and 1 F135-PW-600 propulsion system for non-U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) participants and foreign military sales (FMS) customers.  Work is expected to be completed in May 2021. 

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