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11:55 AM, July 10, 2018
New G-suits For Russia’s Su-57 Fighter Pilots Ready For Flight Tests

The new anti-gravity suits for Russia’s Su-57 fighter aircraft pilots are ready for flight tests and will reportedly be delivered from 2019, head of the Zvezda Research and Production Enterprise told TASS on Monday.

"Our full-size suit is a one-piece outfit, which presses firmly on the arms and the larger part of the body. The tests have shown that we comply with the requirements for G tolerance. Its flight capabilities are planned to be tested, after which we will decide what to do further," CEO of the Zvezda, Sergei Pozdnyakov was quoted as saying.

The first prototypes of suits have already undergone tests on a centrifuge with test persons. During the plane’s maneuvers, the G-suit prevents the drain of blood from the brain to the abdomen and the legs.

According to the chief executive, the deliveries of the new G-suit would begin no sooner than 2019. Five such suits have been delivered to the Sukhoi Aircraft Company and the tests will last about six months.

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