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06:26 PM, August 2, 2018
NATO Support Agency Refurbishes Afghan Mi-17 Helicopters
Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan Air Force (AAF),(Image :NSPA)

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has delivered three refurbished Mi-17 helicopters to the Afghan Air Force on Monday, according to a statement by the NSPA.

These helicopters were considered unfit for service after being heavily damaged.

NSPA overhauled and repaired these aircrafts to complete redevelopment and to extend their service life.

The return of the upgraded helicopters to the airforce inventory ensured a significant improvement in the operational airlift capability, as well as the effectiveness and sustainability of the service.

On 28 July, the Antonov An-124 Ruslan strategic airlift jet aircraft picked up the refurbished Mi-17 helicopters at different locations across Europe in order to complete their delivery to Afghanistan.

The maintenance and repair activities were managed by NSPA through various contracts with different repair and overhaul sources.

The Mi-17 medium, twin-turbine transport helicopter is the main rotary wing platform operated by the Afghan Air Force (AAF).

The helicopters are used to conduct missions such as providing remote outposts in critical areas with supplies and ensuring safe movement of troops and police.

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