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02:43 PM, August 3, 2018
India’s HAL Demonstrates Flight of 10Kg Rotary Wing UAV
10Kg Helicopter UAV (Image: HAL)

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has demonstrated flight of 10kg Rotary Wing (Helicopter) unmanned Aerial Vehicle (RUAV).

The RUAV is of a 2-stroke petrol engine, twin blade main rotor and tail rotor, payload capability of 2.5Kg including live stream video camera and range of the vehicle is 8-10 Km with an endurance of one hour, the company said in a statement Friday. 

The flight lasted for about ten minutes during which the Attitude Control Attitude Hold (ACAH) mode, Position Control, Position Hold mode (autonomous hover), low speed flight in forward, backward and sideward directions, were demonstrated.

The video feed from onboard the helicopter was streamed live and shown on the dedicated video receiver. The status of the helicopter, its parameters and its real-time position on the map were also shown.

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