DARPA Announces $2 Billion Investment into Artificial Intelligence Tech

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  • 03:04 PM, September 10, 2018
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DARPA Announces $2 Billion Investment into Artificial Intelligence Tech
Accelerating Artificial Intelligence Tech: DARPA image

The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced a more than $2 Billion investment into “AI Next”, the future wave of artificial intelligence technologies to create collaborative partnerships between humans and machines.

Under AI Next, key areas to be explored may include automating critical DoD business processes, such as security clearance vetting in a week or accrediting software systems in one day for operational deployment; improving the robustness and reliability of AI systems; enhancing the security and resiliency of machine learning and AI technologies; reducing power, data, and performance inefficiencies; and pioneering the next generation of AI algorithms and applications, such as “explainability” and commonsense reasoning.

DARPA seeks to explore new theories and applications that could make it possible for machines to adapt to changing situations. DARPA sees this next generation of AI as a third wave of technological advance, one of contextual adaptation.

DARPA announced last week the multi-year investment of more than $2 billion in new and existing programs called the “AI Next” campaign,  DARPA director, Dr. Steven Walker, officially unveiled the large-scale effort at DARPA’s D60 Symposium in National Harbor, Maryland.

“Today, machines lack contextual reasoning capabilities, and their training must cover every eventuality, which is not only costly, but ultimately impossible. We want to explore how machines can acquire human-like communication and reasoning capabilities, with the ability to recognize new situations and environments and adapt to them.”

DARPA is currently pursing more than 20 programs that are exploring ways to advance the state-of-the-art in AI, pushing beyond second-wave machine learning techniques towards contextual reasoning capabilities. In addition, more than 60 active programs are applying AI in some capacity, from agents collaborating to share electromagnetic spectrum bandwidth to detecting and patching cyber vulnerabilities.

Over the next 12 months, DARPA plans to issue multiple Broad Agency Announcements for new programs that advance the state of the art in AI.

In addition to new and existing DARPA research, a key component of the campaign will be DARPA’s Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIE) program. Accordingly, AIE constitutes a series of high-risk, high payoff projects where researchers will work to establish the feasibility of new AI concepts within 18 months of award.

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