Two Arrested in Denmark for Attempting to Supply Drones to Islamic State

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  • 10:10 AM, September 28, 2018
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Two Arrested in Denmark for Attempting to Supply Drones to Islamic State
Islamic State posing with their trademark flag (Image: Irish Mirror)

Two people were arrested in Copenhagen on Wednesday and charged with attempting to supply Islamic State with drones, which the organization has used to carry out attacks, police said.

The two were arrested after police and Danish security and intelligence services carried out raids in Copenhagen, the police were quoted by Jerusalem Post as saying in a statement.

The two persons are suspected of being members of a broader network that ships drones and other supplies to Islamic State from Denmark for use in combat, the police said. The police did not release their names or any details about them.

They were charged with attempting to collude with terrorism abroad and will appear in court on Thursday, the police said in a statement.

Islamic State has increasingly been using drones to carry out attacks in Syria and Iraq.

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