Chinese NORINCO offers Weapons Package to Equip Whole Combat Units

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  • 01:26 PM, November 8, 2018
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Chinese NORINCO offers Weapons Package to Equip Whole Combat Units
Chinese NORINCO's Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher

Chinese North Industries Company (NORINCO), a manufacturer of diverse weapons systems has offered international customers complete weapons packages to equip whole combat units.

Current practice in the international arms trade is to supply individual items which the customer-army then puts it together for its combat units. The new Chinese approached revealed during the Airshow China 2018 at Zhuhai will allow countries to buy various types of weapons without careful planning of their combat requirement.

NORINCO spokesperson Xu Bin was quoted as saying to Global Times during the Airshow China 2018 at Zhuhai, “The enterprise can provide systematic weaponry solutions for a whole combat unit for its client who can arm a whole armored division or establish a marine force by only purchasing NORINCO's products."

Giving the example of Venezuela's Marine Corps, Xu said it was aided by NORINCO (to provide a complete weapons package) and "our systematic weaponry solution is very popular among African countries."

In addition, an unnamed NORINCO official told Global Times, "NORINCO is collecting valuable data and information from real combat through exporting weapons to foreign clients and then the enterprise will use these to promote their products."

NORINCO displayed its latest weapons including the SH11 155mm wheeled self-propelled gun-howitzer and rocket artillery and VT-4 battle tank at the show. The company manufactures a variety of weapons from small arms to artillery, missile systems and battle tanks. 

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