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07:20 AM, November 9, 2018
PT Pindad-Czech firm Show 8 X 8 Armored Vehicle Protoytpe at Indo-Defence 2018
Pandur II 8x8 armored vehicle to be made in Indonesia

Indonesia’s PT Pindad displayed the prototype of an 8 X 8 armored vehicle to be made in cooperation with Czechoslovak Group (CSG) at the ongoing Indo-Defence 2018 in Jakarta.

The armored vehicle is a development of the Steyr Pandur II 8x8 produced by CSG. The company`s general manager for special vehicles, Agus Edy Suprihanto said that the armored vehicle can carry more than 12 personnel, has a 30mm cannon and has amphibious features.

Cooperation process between CSG and TNI (Indonesian army) has been developed since 2016. The Pandur II 8x8 is one of the CSG products that has been bought by TNI under an agreement that covers technology transfer and mass-production in Indonesia.

"We will conduct joint production to realize its production. The design has been with CSG, while production in Indonesia will be under CSG supervision. For the infantry navigation, we are able to install 30 mm caliber canon," Suprihanto said.

PT Pindad has orders from TNI for “hundreds of vehicles,” Suprihanto said adding that production is is slated to start within the year as delivery of components from Czechoslovakia would take 9 to 11 months. Orders had been placed for parts and components to last for 2 years production.

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