Indra in Cooperation with Navantia to Develop Simulator for State-Of-The-Art S-80 Submarine

  • (Source: Indra)
  • 12:00 AM, December 15, 2008
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Indra will cooperate with Navantia in the development of the simulator to train the crew of the S-80 submarine whose construction was commissioned to Navantia by the Armada Espaola. It is the first time Indra cooperates in the design of a training system for a submarine and it completes its offer in this type of solutions.>> The simulator is to be implemented in Cartagena's Submarine School, in a specific building, and it is expected to startup in 2011. The contract, awarded by the S-80's main contractor to Indra, exceeds euros 9 M.>> Operating a submarine requires special training thus a part of the preparation with this simulator is compulsory.>> The systems reproduce the submarines behaviour most accurately and will put officers to the test by reproducing incidents, breakdowns and emergency situations that are likely to occur during a mission. This way, officers learn how to react in the event of extreme situations which are impossible to recreate in the sea without risking their lives as well as the submarines integrity.>> The students of Cartagenas submarine school will train with an exact and natural-sized replica of the control rooms portside. The equipment and parts, including the centralised remote control system and the steering system are identical to that of the submarine so that students can get familiar with them.>> The development of the S-80 is one of the key programmes within the Strategic Defence Review which aims at providing the Spanish Armed Forces with state-of-the art equipment to accomplish their missions. The S-80 is a 71 meter long submersible whose main features are its high level of autonomy underwater and noiselessness. Cutting-edge equipment and systems make it the most advanced conventional submarine.
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