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02:27 PM, December 4, 2018
Leonardo Conducts Maiden Flight of New C-27J Spartan Variant
C-27J Spartan (image:Leonardo)

Leonardo conducted the maiden flight of the latest version of its C-27J Spartan aircraft.

The new C-27J is characterized by brand new avionics system, new cockpit control panels and LED aircraft lights, Leonardo said in a statement Tuesday.

The C-27J new avionic system provides TCAS 7.1 (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) capability and IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) Mode 5 feature. It features FMS (Flight Management System) with RNP (Required Navigation Performances) and LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) approach capabilities.  The IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) Mode 5 has been updated. New cockpit and cockpit displays, weather radar, radio navigation, enhanced satellite communications and radio communication capabilities, new intercommunication system and cargo panels, lighting system with LED technology have been also included. Former avionics and general systems interface boxes have been replaced with new equipment made by Leonardo’s Airborne and Space Systems Division.

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