General Dynamics Wins $346 M US Navy Contract Modification To Provide Yard Support to Virginia Class Submarines

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  • 06:19 PM, December 8, 2018
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General Dynamics Wins $346 M US Navy Contract Modification To Provide Yard Support to Virginia Class Submarines
Virginia class submarine (USN photo)

General Dynamics has won a $346 million modification to an existing contract to provide yard support, development studies and design efforts for Virginia class submarines.

It includes maintenance, updating and supporting the Virginia class design and related drawings and data for each Virginia class Submarine, including technology insertion, throughout its construction and post shakedown availability period, United States Department of Defense said in a statement Friday.

The contract modification also includes providing design improvements, preliminary and detail component and system design, integration of system engineering, design engineering, test engineering, logistics engineering, and production engineering, the statement added.

The Virginia class (SSN-774 class) is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines with stealth, intelligence gathering and weapons systems technology. They are designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships as well as project power ashore with Tomahawk cruise missiles and Special Operation Forces, carry out Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions; support carrier battle group operations; and engage in naval mine warfare. The attack submarines are designed for a broad spectrum of open-ocean and littoral (shallow coastal water) missions.

Work is expected to be completed by September 2019.

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