US Increases Deployment of High-precision Military Equipment Near Russian Borders

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  • 12:51 PM, December 26, 2018
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US Increases Deployment of High-precision Military Equipment Near Russian Borders
Russian Navy Commander Adm. Vladimir Korolev (image: Mikhail Klimentyev/TASS)

The United States has increased deployment of non-nuclear high-precision military weapons in the sea waters neighboring Russia.

“The Russian Navy would keep its presence in international waters in 2019 against the backdrop of sharp increase in the intensity of operative and combat preparations by US and NATO near the borders of the Russian Federation, the deployment of sea-based missile shield elements, non-nuclear systems of high-precision weaponry and military infrastructure in sea waters adjacent to the Russian territory,” Krasnaya Zvezda quoted Russian Navy Commander Adm. Vladimir Korolev said as saying Wednesday.

Korolev said the Russian military presence next year would "allow to rule out all threats from coming from seas and oceans." At present, "about 100 warships and other vessels of the Russian Navy" are performing their duties in seas.

According to earlier reports, the United States has designed the concept of conventional prompt global strike, which envisages a precision-guided conventional weapon airstrike at an adversary’s key military facilities, including command centers, military headquarters and, most importantly, intercontinental ballistic missile launchers. During the Prompt Global Strike (PGS), the US plans to use submarine-and ship-based cruise missiles, as well as submarine-based ballistic missiles with conventional warheads, according to media reports.