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09:05 AM, January 4, 2019
GlobalEye AEW

Saab's second GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft completed its first flight on 3 January, taking off from Saab's Airfield in Linköping, Sweden.

It undertook a test flight of 2 hours and 54 min collecting flight test data, the company said in a statement Thursday.

According to the company, GlobalEye is based on a modified Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft and consists of an Erieye ER airborne radar. It brings extended detection range, endurance and the ability to perform multiple roles, including tasks such as search and rescue, border surveillance and military operations.

The launch customer for GlobalEye is United Arab Emirates, where the solution is known as the Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS).