Chinese Army's Tibet Command Gets PLC-181 Vehicle-Mounted Howitzer

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  • 08:32 AM, January 8, 2019
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Chinese Army's Tibet Command Gets PLC-181 Vehicle-Mounted Howitzer
PLC-181 howitzer (image: PLAGF WeChat account)

The People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) in the Tibet Military Command has been equipped with a new PLC-181 155mm cannon vehicle-mounted howitzer.

The PLAGF stationed in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has received the new vehicle-mounted howitzer, Global Times quoted an article released by the Army’s official WeChat account as stating Tuesday.

The equipment was used in an artillery brigade in Tibet during the 2017 China-India stand-off. The Chinese Army's 71st, 73rd, and 77th Group Artillery Brigade also deployed this type of artillery.

Chinese military analysts said that the howitzer could be the PLC-181 vehicle mounted howitzer, the Global Times report stated.

“The howitzer has a 52-caliber cannon with a range of over 50 kilometers and shoots laser-guided and satellite-guided projectiles. It will boost the high-altitude combat capability of the PLA in Tibet,” the report quoted a military expert Song Zhongping as saying Tuesday.

PLC-181 is China's latest vehicle-mounted cannon. It can fire a variety of armaments including laser-guided projectiles and satellite-guided artillery shells with a maximum range of 50 kilometers. It can carry 27 rounds of ammunition and 15 barrels of propellant.