GE Wins Teaming-Enabled Architectures for Manned-Unmanned Systems Prototype contract

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  • 03:33 AM, January 23, 2019
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GE Wins Teaming-Enabled Architectures for Manned-Unmanned Systems Prototype contract
Manned unmanned Teaming Apaches (Image for reference :

The United States Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has awarded a project task assignment for the Teaming-Enabled Architectures for Manned-Unmanned Systems (TEAMS) prototype program to GE Aviation.

The project is under the authority of the Base Vertical Lift Consortium Project.

“The TEAMS program is an opportunity for GE to work closely with AFRL and our industry partners to prototype architectures that will enable the next generation of Manned-Unmanned Teaming capabilities,” said John Kormash, director of Advanced & Special Programs for GE Aviation.

TEAMS is an architectural modeling and prototyping effort under the AFRL’s Flexible, Assured Manned-Unmanned Systems (FAMUS) program. FAMUS intends to lay a technical foundation for an operational reality where a heterogeneous, multi-man, multi-machine team-of-teams can perform a range of missions in a flexible and assured manner.

By prototyping an iterative, architecture-centric, and model-based approach under TEAMS, FAMUS intends to define the architectures, processes, methods, tools, and environments necessary to rapidly mature and affordably transition increasingly complex manned-unmanned teaming technologies.

Also contributing to this prototype are team members Modern Technology Solutions (MTSI), Scientific Systems Company (SSCI), Dependable Computing and GE Global Research Center (GRC). The contract period of performance is 24 months.

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