Russia Tests Pistol-launched Reconnaissance system in Syria

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  • 01:49 PM, January 28, 2019
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Russia Tests Pistol-launched Reconnaissance system in Syria
Russian troops in Syria (image: Russian defense Ministry/TASS)

Russian troops in Syria have recently tested a pistol launched miniature Reconnaissance system, Glaz.

"Russian units in Syria have conducted experimental tests of the Glaz tactical reconnaissance system, launched using a signal pistol," TASS quoted a source as saying Sunday.

The Glaz system consists of a miniature-device having a HD camera attached to a rocket projectile when launched from a signal pistol, the source added.

The rocket projectile is said to have a maximum height of 300m. After attaining the maximum height, the package containing the camera detaches from the projectile and falls downwards, its speed restricted by its now opened parachute. In this state camera transmits image to the soldier’s tablet in real time. The camera can capture an area of 0.5 square kilometres when at maximum height.

"The Glaz system makes it possible to promptly receive photo and video data on emergency occurrence sites or in areas where information acquisition by conventional means is complicated or jeopardizes human life," the source noted.