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09:22 AM, January 29, 2019
Munitions Tested from Russian Small Attack-Interceptor Drone
Attack-interceptor drone (image: @dronesrussia)

Russia tested munitions using a small attack-interceptor drone, Karnivora.

"During continued flight trials of the Karnivora drone, the use of the ammunition load was tested: the attack weapons and nets for the interception of other drones," TASS quoted a source in the defense industry as saying Monday. 

"After the factory trials are over, there are plans to test the operation of the Karnivora strike drone in combat conditions," the source added. 

The source, however, declined to give the details of the drone’s tests in a combat environment.

There is no official confirmation of the development.

The Karnivora is designed to intercept other UAVs using net guns (the net captures a hostile drone and lands it with a parachute), conduct reconnaissance and also strike ground targets. It can take off from rough sites and hover for 10-15 hours.

The drone has a wing span of 5 meters, a maximum takeoff weight of 40 kg and a flight speed of up to 150 km/h.

It is capable of operating under electronic counter-measures amid the full loss of satellite navigation signals. The UAV has cargo hold of 35 litres and a sliding wing for balance control. 

The Karnivora is also capable of performing missions in an autonomous mode, the report stated further.

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