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05:04 PM, January 30, 2019
Precision Weapons for Modernized Russian Su-30SM Fighter Jet
Precision Weapons for Modernized Russian Su-30SM Fighter Jet. Image: Russian MOD

Russian Su-30SM fighter jet will be modernized and equipped with high precision weapons.

During a visit to the Irkut plant where the Su-30SM is manufactured, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that The Russian Federation possesses more than 100 aircraft of this type.

The head of the military department pointed out that the United Aircraft Corporation and Irkut are to perform not only contracts for the supply of new equipment, but also work within the full life cycle.

The minister did not specify the modernization schedule or the type of precision-weapons to be installed. The Su-30SM modernization has been in the pipeline for the last few years. Other than a AESA fire control radar, the other aspects of the proposed modernization include pilot information system and precision munitions.

In other development, the head of the military department said that two squadrons of the Su-30SM aircraft had already been put into service with the Republic of Kazakhstan. Supplies are planned to be continued. The Armed Forces of Belarus are preparing to take the first batch of the Su-30SM in 2019.

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