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09:36 AM, February 6, 2019
Russian S-300 Operational In Syria: Israeli Satellite Images
Satellite image released by iSi

Russian S-300 long range surface-to-air missile systems delivered to Syria last year have been erected, an Israeli company ImageSat International (iSi) has claimed.

The company released satellite images claiming that three out of four S-300 launchers had been erected in the northwestern Syrian city, Masyaf.

"Due to the current regional tension and the detected erection of the launchers it is possible that the mentioned activity indicates an increase of the operational level and alertness. However it is currently unclear why only one launcher is covered by camouflage net. This situation is rare and raises question marks about the operational level of the whole battery and specifically of the covered and folded launcher,” iSi was quoted by Sputnik as stating.

Russia delivered the missile systems and 49 units of systems-related equipment such as radars, basic target acquisition systems, command posts and four launchers last October.  The deliveries took place after a Russian plane was accidentally destroyed by a Syrian air defence battery that was responding to an Israeli airstrike.

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