(Source: MBDA)
12:00 AM, December 18, 2008
On 8th December the Peruvian Navy successfully launched an Otomat missile from the Aguirre frigate, hitting a target at a range in excess of 150 kilometers. The launch, which confirmed the performance and reliability of the Otomat missile, was carried out at the Cruz de Hueso firing test range. The Peruvian Minister of Defence, Antero Flores-Araoz, was present at the launch expressed his satisfaction with the missile and the Navys performance.>> The Otomat firing formed part of the Angamos exercise and was intended to be particularly challenging for the Peruvian Navy. The challenge lay in the fact that it was the first launch carried out at such a distance and represented an absolute record for a South American Navy. The Otomat missile carried out its mission successfully, hitting the target as intended by the launch plan.>> In addition to the Peruvian Minister of Defence, the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Jos Aste Daffs, and the Army Chief of Staff, General Otto Guibovich Arteaga, were also present along with the Navy Staff.