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05:58 PM, March 1, 2019
Mi-17 Helicopter Overhauled In Slovakia For Afghanistan

Mi-17 helicopters belonging to the Afghanistan air force have been given a general overhaul in Slovakia by LOTN, a Trencin based Aircraft repair company.

The helicopter was repaired by the company on the basis of a contract with the NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) won in 2016 in public tender, company said in a statement Friday.

"Despite the existence of sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, while still operating in full compliance with all applicable international and national regulations, LOTN is continuing to support general repairs of the Mi-17 helicopters," said CEO and Chairman of the Board LOTN JUDr. Martin Dušanič.

The Mil Mi-17 is a Russian medium twin-turbine transport helicopter developed from Mil Mi-8. There are also armed gunship variants of the aircraft.

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