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09:03 AM, April 20, 2019
Russia To Build New Cruise Missile-Equipped Nuclear Submarines?
Borei-Class Submarine (image: Sputnik)

Ministry of Defense of Russia is planning to build new Borei-K nuclear submarines capable of carrying long-range cruise missiles, a source revealed on Saturday.

“The ministry is looking into the possibility of building two more Borei-class submarines, equipped with long-range cruise missiles instead of ballistic ones. If the decision is made, the submarines will be built under the new Borei-K project and will be scheduled for delivery after 2027," the source told state-run TASS news agency, without elaborating.

Russia has three Borei-class submarines - The Yuri Dolgorukiy (the Northern Fleet), The Alexander Nevsky and The Vladimir Monomakh (the Pacific Fleet). Besides, three submarines of the modernized Borei-A class are presently undergoing sea trials. Four more subs belonging to the Borei-A-class are currently uner construction.

The Russian navy currently operates two types of cruise missile submarines - Project 949A Antey and Project 885 Yasen (and its modernized version Project 885M Yasen-M). Six Antey-class submarines and one Yasen-class submarine are currently in service with the Russian Navy. Yasen-M sub is undergoing sea trials while five more are being built.

TASS was unable to officially confirm the information at the time of the publication.

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