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12:53 PM, April 23, 2019
New Israeli Missile Can Speed Past Russian S-300 Air Defence System
Rampage missile

Israel has developed a new supersonic air-to-surface missile that can speed past the Russian S-300 air defence system without getting intercepted, a journalist from Germany, Florian Rötzer, has claimed.  

The “Rampage” missiles were used by the Israeli military during an airstrike in the Syrian province of Hama last week, according to a report by UAWire.

The rockets are “the reason behind the success of the Israeli operation in Syria,” Russian news outlet Avia.pro reported.

Owing to the missile’s aero-ballistic trajectory that makes it difficult to intercept, Russia has compared the “Rampage” with its own “Kinzhal” missile.

The missiles are jointly developed by two Israeli companies- Israel Military Industries and Israel Aerospace Industries. They were unveiled in June 2018.

The 4.5 meters long, 570 kilograms heavy missiles are designed specifically to attack targets that are well protected by air defense systems, as well as to destroy underground bunkers. In addition, the missile has two warheads that can explode sequentially. They have a range of 150 kilometers.

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