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04:56 AM, May 18, 2019
New N.Korean Missile Copy Of Russian Iskander, Capable of Evading US Defenses: US Officials
Missiles are seen launched during a military drill in North Korea on May 10, 2019 (image: KCNA)

The newly tested North Korean short-range missile is strongly similar to Russia's Iskander and has the ability to dodge US missile defense systems, say US officials.

"A low-flying missile with a satellite guidance system, as the North Korean missile appears to have, is potentially far harder for US anti-missile systems deployed in South Korea to intercept," US official who wished to remain anonymous told Los Angeles Times.

Some experts have dubbed the missile "Kimskander" owing to its close resemblance to an advanced short-range Russian missile, called the "Iskander." Similarities include the solid fuel engine and four fins on its tail for making in-flight course adjustments, the report said.

US President Donald Trump has dismissed the new missile as "very standard stuff." However, military and national security officials see a potential threat to US forces and allies in northeast Asia.

Three missiles were test-fired on May 4 and May 9 from northwest North Korea. They flew on a low trajectory, never exiting the Earth's atmosphere, and flew about 180 miles before plunging into the Sea of Japan.

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