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07:40 AM, June 7, 2019
India Signs Deal with Israel for 100 Spice Bunker Busting Bombs
Israeli SPICE 2000 bomb

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has signed a $43.2 million (INR 300 Crore) contract for 100 Israeli SPICE 2000 bombs.

The weapon was used during the February 26 air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot, two defence ministry officials told Hindustan Times.

The bombs are an emergency purchase and likely to be delivered by the year-end, said one of the officials. “The bombs are a critical operational requirement,” he added.

The Spice-2000 bombs are developed by Israeli firm Rafael. The bombs are a derivative of Popeye air-to-surface missile and are fed with coordinates and satellite pictures of the target to home in and destroy it. The EO/GPS-guided guidance kit can transform unguided bombs into precision-guided bombs.

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