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12:28 PM, July 8, 2019
Syria Develops Its First Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has developed and manufactured “Al-Fahd,” its first armored personnel carrier in the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch areas in northwestern Syria. 

The 4x4 vehicle turns at a speed of 80 km/hour on flat land and 30 km/hour through mountainous terrain, Anadolu Agency reported, quoting a source associated with the FSA-affiliated Al-Hamza division, as saying on Monday.

The personnel carrier has a length of 6 meters, height of 3 m and width of 1.75 m. It can take 10 soldiers, including a five-person crew. The carrier is armed with an automatic machinegun, a high-definition night vision screen and an advanced communication system. 

“It is equipped with a hydraulic rear door, seven side openings for shooting, bullet-proof glass, a shield against light and heavy landmines and a steel mesh for protection against RPG shells,” the source said. 


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