Turkey Considering Su-35, Su-57, EW Systems

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  • 08:35 AM, August 29, 2019
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Turkey Considering Su-35, Su-57, EW Systems
Russian President Putin showing Su-57 jet to Turkey's Erdogan

Turkey is in talks with Russia on the possible purchase of Su-35, Su-57 electronic warfare systems and other defence systems.

When asked whether Turkey was considering Russian-made fighter jets as an alternative to US-made aircraft, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly said, "Why not? We did not come here to the MAKS aerospace show for nothing.”

Erdogan added that Ankara will take the final call after it learns of its participation in the F-35 program, reports CNN Turk. On Tuesday, the Turkish president also inspected the Su-57 stealth jet at MAKS air show.

The head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, Dmitry Shugayev told on Wednesday that Moscow and Ankara were in talks on the delivery of Russian electronic warfare systems, as well as the Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets.

Turkey became the first NATO-ally to strike a deal with Russia when it inked a $2.5 billion deal for S-400 air defense systems in 2017, irking the United States.

The S-400 has been the bone of contention between Turkey and the US, with the latter having tried to persuade Ankara to ditch the Russian systems for American Patriot missile defense system. After the deliveries of the S-400s began this July, Washington expelled Turkey from the F-35 program.

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