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05:30 AM, September 25, 2019
Honeywell to Supply Components for Kuwaiti, Saudi Abrams Tank Engines

Honeywell has won a $21.3 million contract to supply engine components for Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian tank engines used in M1 Abrams series of tanks.

“Honeywell has won a $21.3 million Foreign Military Sales (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) contract for engine parts for the Advanced Gas Turbine-1500 tank engine rebuild,” the US Department of Defense said in a statement Tuesday.

The Honeywell AGT1500 engine can use a variety of fuels, including jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and Marine Diesel. Engine output peaks at 1,500 hp (1,120 kW), with 2,750 lb-ft (3,754 N-m) of torque at that peak, which occurs at 3,000 rpm. This is output after a 10:1 reduction gearset in the engine assembly. Maximum torque of 3,950 lb-ft (5,355 N-m) is reached at 1,000 rpm.

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