EADS Defence & Security, DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz Team Wins 240 million euro RIFAN Stage 2 Contract for the French Navy

  • (Source: Joint EADS, DCNS and R&S issued Jan. 8,
  • 12:00 AM, January 9, 2009
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EADS Defence & Security, the agent, and its co-contractors DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz, have been notified on December 22 2008, by the DGA procurement branch of the French Ministry of Defence, of Stage 2 of the RIFAN programme to equip the French naval air arm on exercises or on missions with a true intranet for surface ships, submarines and aircraft within the force.>> The framework contract, worth 240 million euros, covers the design and deployment of an IP communication system to equip 116 ships and 64 aircraft over a period of five years, and the provision of operational support for an additional five years.>> RIFAN stage 2, the IP backbone for the naval air arm, is designed to be incorporated into the master plan of the Navy Information and Combat System. It will ensure broadband information exchange between onboard business applications, will be open to onboard staff information systems and will cover all levels of information sensitivity, from unclassified to NATO classified. This second stage follows on from the RIFAN Operation stage 1 to equip French Navy level one ships.>> RIFAN stage 2 will also implement a Network Management Capacity to supervise and manage the complete network of ships and aircraft from sites based on land. This site will also have a global view of security-related incidents and will control the confidentiality, integrity and availability of operational data.>> New V/UHF radios supplied by Rohde & Schwarz, already a renowned partner to the French Navy, will offer broadband IP transmission capability between ships, in addition to the renewal of the fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping voice function. The historical presence of Rohde & Schwarz in many naval forces around the world has culminated in todays selection for the RIFAN2 programme. We are proud that the excellence of our radio technologies, associated with the acknowledged expertise of our teams, will now be involved in this major French Navy project, said Jean-Christophe Prunet, Chairman of Rohde & Schwarz France.